Commissioned Works




It’s very easy to get a commissioned work from De. Just email, or phone her to discuss the piece you are wanting.

De will work with you to get exactly what you are wanting for your wall whether it be something that represents your story, family or anything else, De is the right person for the job.

De has has done many commissioned pieces, all of which have been ‘perfect’ and ‘just what I was looking for’.  For your painting De can work and utilise her artistic licence, or if you wish to be a little more involved, De will work with you in regard to shape colour and texture to make sure you are satisfied with the finished product.

With a De Greer-Yindimincarlie commission piece, you don’t just get the painting, you also get a DVD of the whole process from initial sketch and blank canvas right to finished piece, which De puts together from the hundreds of working photos she take throughout the entire process.

A De Greer-Yindimincarlie commission also comes with:

  1. -A copy of De’s Confirmation of Aboriginality (COA) certificate, so you are assured that the

  piece is authentic

  1. -A DVD disc

  2. -A working photos disc (jpg images)

  3. -A print of the finished piece

  4. -A print of De with the finished piece

  5. -A list of De’s achievements / CV

  6. -De’s artist statement

  7. -Media articles of projects De has been involved with

Some of the commissioned pieces De has done are below.

Also if you go to the You Tube page there are some copies of Commissioned pieces

for viewing.

YINDI ARTZ COMMISSION WORKS POLICY - When you confirm your specified size and a price is given, a 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required for the commencement of the piece.  When the piece is finished a photo will be sent to you by email for your approval.  If changes are required to be made after your initial approval of the finished piece has been given, a cost of $450 per day, or part there-of is required for the changes to be made.  This payment is to be verified before the changes will be made.

All postage and courier costs are to be paid by the person commissioning the work, an estimate will be given to you at the time of placing your order, and final costing will be given to you when the piece has been packaged and weighed.  Paintings will not be sent until funds for postage have been verified.  If changes are to be made after the courier has been booked a $20 cancellation fee will apply.

There are current artworks/paintings available for sale on the exhibitions page.