Gratitude Rocks


Gratitude rocks are hand painted by De, and are used as reminder to be grateful for all we have.  The gratitude rocks are a little magic and usually reflect the owners personality in the symbol.

“Gratitude provides gifts to both the giver and receiver.  You may be grateful for anything:  your job, your family, your health, your friends, the good weather, or the world around you.  This process of feeling gratitude is very simple.  Keep you gratitude flowing and be open to receive.  The universe will help you with the rest.  After all, the secret to happiness is gratitude.”

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  1. -Shelter

  2. -Campsite

  3. -Woman with digging sticks

  4. -Wombat tracks

  5. -Warrior with spear

  6. -Spear

  7. -Emu track

  8. -Boomerang

  9. -Coolamon

  10. -Rainbow

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  1. -Star

  2. -Possum

  3. -People round campfire

  4. -Kangaroo track

  5. -Rain

NOTE: Colours of the gratitude rocks may differ, but the symbol will be the same.

Gratitude Rocks are $6 ea

(includes postage)