Heart of Inspiration Pack

- An inspiration for every day -




‘Heart of Inspiration’  -  (the story)

This painting represents your heart in the middle, and all the inspiration that you give to others in the form of branches and beautiful leaves.  The tracks to people sitting around the campsites are people receiving your inspiration, and then in turn passing it on to others.  Inspiration is an amazing, wonderful feeling that we all need in our lives.

Each and every one of us inspires people, whether we know it or not, but we also receive inspiration every day.  Sometimes we acknowledge this, sometimes we don’t even notice it, but it is, and always will be there.  The inspiration we gain, and give away moulds us into the people we are, and that allows us to continually grow and learn from each other.

De designed this inspiration pack to inspire you every day.  The inspirations are ones that De has made, and lessons that she has learned through her experiences, some great, some not so great, but all experienced with no regrets.

To use this pack, simply ask the universe “what do I need to know today” and you will receive the inspiration you need.

You also get a blank card you can write your favourite inspiration on to give away to someone you know, or a complete stranger.

Have fun with your Heart of Inspiration

Pack, and always believe that you can change someone's world.

Heart of Inspiration Pack $28 ea

(includes $6.60 postage within Australia)