The Bunya Guitar Project




The Bunya Guitar Project was initiated at the Bunya Dreaming Festival in 2010.  A Bunya soundboard M225 Maton guitar was gifted to the festival through Dave Kirby Millers and Maton Guitar’s Australia.  A competition was held at the Bunya Dreaming festival to win custodianship of the guitar  for the next twelve months until the next Bunya Dreaming.

A young woman by the name of Eliza Allard who was 14 years old at the time won custodianship of the guitar and De was so impressed by her musical talent, both singing and playing, De asked Eliza if she would be interested in De being her mentor over the next twelve months and having De produce her a CD.  Eliza liked the idea so she set about writing new material for the album.

The process soon turned into a film documentary, so De and Eliza have been busy producing the CD and the film documentary about the first twelve months of the Bunya Guitar’s life.

‘The Bunya Guitar’ DVD and Eliza’s CD ‘Life Goes On’, available below.

Life Goes On

The Bunya Guitar Project

$13 (includes postage)

All songs written and © Eliza Allard 2010

The Bunya Guitar DVD

$22 (inc postage)