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The products you can see below have been developed for Yindi Artz over the years.  

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The Little Black Game Pack


I have developed many products over the years for Yindi Artz, mostly when I see a gap in the market where something is needed, for example, educational resources like The Little Black Game Pack.  This game pack is for all ages, and serves as an educational resource and a perfect tool to learn about Aboriginal culture and symbols.  The game pack consists of 36 cards which you use to play an assortment of games such as Hunt, Gather and Catch (memory, fish and snap).  I designed the pack in response to a lack of Aboriginal resources to educate young children about symbols and culture.  It is a great little deck that will be enjoyed by all who play it.

The Little Black Game Pack comes in its own drawstring printed black bag.

There are three options when purchasing The Little Black Game Pack.

Option 1 $20 - Single pack, Free Post.  Posted as a large letter with NO tracking.  Game packs will not be resent if not delivered.

Option 2 $25 - Single pack, WITH tracking.  Tracking number will be sent to you when posted.

Option 3 $180 - 10 pack for your school or organisation. Parcel post WITH tracking.

The Heart of Inspiration pack

‘Heart of Inspiration’ —  The story

This painting represents your heart in the middle, and all the inspiration that you give to others in the form of branches and beautiful leaves.  The tracks to people sitting around the campsites are people receiving your inspiration, and then in turn passing it on to others.  Inspiration is an amazing, wonderful feeling that we all need in our lives.

Each and every one of us inspires people, whether we know it or not, but we also receive inspiration every day.  Sometimes we acknowledge this, sometimes we don’t even notice it but it is, and always will be, there.  The inspiration we gain, and give away moulds us into the people we are, and that allows us to continually grow and learn from each other.

I designed this inspiration pack to inspire you every day.  The inspirations are ones that I have made, and lessons that I have learned through my experiences, some great, some not so great, but all experienced with no regrets.

To use this pack, simply ask the universe “What do I need to know today?” and you will receive the inspiration you need.

You also get a blank card you can write your favourite inspiration on to give away to someone you know, or a complete stranger.

Have fun with your Heart of Inspiration Pack, and always believe that you can change someone's world.

Heart of inspiration_01
Heart of inspiration_02
Heart of inspiration_03
Heart of inspiration_04
Heart of inspiration_05
Heart of inspiration_06
Heart of inspiration_07
Heart of inspiration_08




I Feel Small — Audio CD

This is my sixth album as a musician over the last 30 years. This album is a collection of new, old, and co-written songs.  The album is easy listening, and was recorded at Gadigal Music studio in Redfern, Sydney, Australia. 

I wrote, or co-wrote all the songs on the album.  Well worth a listen — please watch the feature below to hear to excerpts of the tracks. (For more information on De as a musician, please refer to her music performance page.)

The CD is available through a few different avenues.

1. You can purchase direct from De and get the good ol' CD in a cardboard jacket.

2. You can also find the 'I Feel Small' album on Spotify

3. You can download digitally from Apple iTunes here:



Jewellery and wood (and stuff)

When I get the chance to make some jewellery, boxes, puzzles, bowls etc, if not a commission piece, or for a Trade show, they will go up in my Etsy store.  So if you are interested to see what I have available, please head there:


I have had the pleasure of working with Recycled Mats since 2009 to produce Aboriginal designs for their mats, and over time, this progressed to other products as well.  What started as one product, then two, then three, has now fifteen years later accumulated to more than 40 products such as cushion covers, fire pits, greeting cards, beach towels, bean bag covers and so much more.

You can click my Recycled Mats pic to the right and it will take you to my product page.

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The Bunya Guitar Project

The Bunya Guitar Project was initiated at the Bunya Dreaming Festival in 2010.  A Bunya soundboard M225 Maton guitar was gifted to the festival through Dave Kirby Millers and Maton Guitar’s Australia.  A competition was held at the Bunya Dreaming Festival to win custodianship of the guitar for the following twelve months until the next Bunya Dreaming Festival.

A young woman by the name of Eliza Allard then aged 14 years, was the first person to win custodianship of the guitar and I was so impressed by her musical talent, both singing and playing that I asked Eliza if she would be interested in me being her mentor over the next twelve months and having me produce her a CD.  Eliza liked the idea so she set about writing new material for the album.

The process soon turned into a film documentary,  about the production of Eliza's CD 'Life Goes On' and the first twelve months of the Bunya Guitar’s life through that process.



The Bunya Guitar Documentary DVD

Life Goes On - Eliza Allard CD